Win a free “Blood Stripes: Flag Print” Tshirt
Jan 17th, 2014 by EricD

We are giving away a “Blood Stripes: Flag Print” Tshirt free, including postage. The winner will be selected on Feb 28, 2014.

This design was created after Obama’s botched reaction to the crisis in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012. It is a combination of one of the tasteless symbols of the democratic party and the image of the bloody hand print left on the embassy wall after the attack. You can read the full story of the genesis of this design below.

We are holding this giveaway to test the Punchtab application for a customer. So please enter and let me know if you have any problems. Note that you can enter multiple times and that there are multiple ways to enter. Thank you.

If You Are Stuck at Following 2,000 on Twitter
Oct 27th, 2012 by EricD

This only applies to the number of people you can follow; there is no limit to the number of people who can follow you, like Lady Gaga with her 30 million monsters.

There is a limit on the number of people you can follow on Twitter. Once you approach 2,000 the maximum you can follow is 110% of the number of people who follow you. If you have 2,000 followers you can follow 2,200. If you 2,500 followers you can follow 2,750, and so on. As far as I know this limit applies forever once you pass 2,000. Since the most common way to get new followers is to follow people and hope they follow you back, this limit can make it very difficult. So what can you do to get past the 2,000 barrier?

Three Don’ts

1. The most obvious thing to do is constantly unfollow the people who do not follow you back and find new people to follow. I don’t recommend this. You will annoy a lot of people and you can end up getting your account suspended.

    Under the Twitter activities that can cause permanent suspension is:

  • If you have followed a large amount of users in a short amount of time;
  • If you have followed and unfollowed people in a short time period, particularly by automated means (aggressive follower churn);
  • If you repeatedly follow and unfollow people, whether to build followers or to garner more attention for your profile;

2. Build up your number of followers by seeking out accounts with #followback, #teamfollowback or something similar in their profile. Don’t do this. It is lame. What is the point of having people follow you who aren’t interested in your tweets and you aren’t interested in theirs? Now this isn’t the same as people who follow back most of the people who follow them. I do it myself. If someone is interested enough to follow me and see my tweets the odds are at least decent that their tweets will be interesting to me.

3. Buy followers. You will see spam all the time for people wanting to sell followers. Don’t do this. Even more lame than #teamfollowback.

Three Do’s

1. Lists. Lists are a wonderful way to sort accounts you want to follow. For example I have a list for personal friends, a list for political figures and a list for the people I most often exchange tweets with. There are two powerful reasons to use lists. One, you won’t miss tweets from the people you are most interested in. And two, YOU DON’T HAVE TO FOLLOW SOMEONE TO PUT THEM IN A LIST. For example in my political list I have a lot of liberals like Hillary Clinton, Piers Morgan, DWS and Obama that I want to keep up with but I don’t want to follow. You can use this if you follow a lot of celebrities, media outlets, or really any type of account that you want to see their tweets but there is almost no chance they will follow you back.

2. Unfollow dead accounts. If someone you follow hasn’t sent a tweet in more than a month there is a good chance the account is dead and you are wasting one of your valuable follow slots on them. The question is how do you find dead accounts. Fortunately there are a lot of good tools/apps to help. My favorite is Tweepi 2.0. It has a free version that does everything you need to clean up your follows.

    How to use Tweepi.

  • Go to the site; use the “Good Old Free Tweepi, and click the “Login via Twitter”.
  • Allow access.
  • Use the “Cleanup” button. This will show you all the people you follow, 20 per page with the most recent people you followed on the first paged.
  • You could also use the “Flush” button to just see the accounts that do not follow you.
  • Click the “Last Tweet” column to sort them by oldest tweet first. Unfortunately this only sorts the current page; you will have to go through all the pages to do a complete job.
  • Find the accounts that have not sent a tweet for however long you decide, I use 30 days. Click the minus symbol next to their icon to unfollow them. You can also click on an account’s icon to bring up more info about them if you aren’t sure that the account is actually dead. For example it doesn’t seem to count replies, so if someone has only been sending replies for a long time Tweepi will think their account is dead. Especially check accounts if Tweepi says the last tweet was “unknown/never”, it is almost always wrong about those.
  • That’s it, just go through every page doing the same thing then leave the Tweepi site.
  • One note. If there are users you do not want to accidently unfollow just click the lock symbol near their icon.

3. You can also use Tweepi to find accounts that have a very small chance of following you back. Click the “Follow Ratio” tab to put the higher numbers at the top. Anything above 100% means they have more followers than people they follow. Celebrities, media, etc will have numbers many times 100%. Once you have identified these accounts you can go back into twitter and put them into a list so you still see their tweets then unfollow them. You could do this directly inside of Tweepi but this is one of the premium services you have to join to use.

Genesis of Bloody Hand Obama Flag
Sep 20th, 2012 by EricD

On Sept 19, 2012, just one week after our embassies were attacked, our Narcissist-in-Chief came out with a new product for his cultist. This time it’s their very own flag image. They describe it as “A poster to say there are no red states or blue states, only the United States”, but it just looks to me like they are replacing the states with THE ONE. Which is appropriate since they are working as hard as they can to strip state’s and individual’s rights.

Here is the abomination:

New standard for Obama cultists


A few people on twitter noticed how disturbingly similar it looks to the bloody hand print left on one of the walls of the Benghazi consulate where Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were murdered on Sept 11, 2012.

AP photo of bloody hand print left on wall at Benghazi consulate


Those two images were the inspiration to create this composite:

A better flag that truly reflects the outcome of Obama policies in the Middle East


This is the ‘Obama Bloody Hand Flag’. I think it is much more appropriate. Obama and his policies need to be forever linked to the attacks on our embassies and the murders of Chris Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods.


The original image of the bloody hand print is a stock image from I highly recommend their site.

Obama T-Shirts (going out of business)
Sep 14th, 2012 by EricD

Made these for the #ObamaSweatshirtSlogans twitter hashtag. So, Obama can’t tell the difference between a t-shirt and a sweatshirt.

Eastwooding Like a Boss

I’m With Me

A Cult We Can Believe In

Nocturnal Dreams Of My Father

MSM expalins how Romney caused Obama’s “Egypt Not an Ally” Gaffe
Sep 14th, 2012 by EricD

Visual evidence of Romney putting the words into Obama’s mouth.

Where is Romney’s other hand?

Where Was Obama When the 3:00 AM Call Came on Sept 11, 2012
Sep 12th, 2012 by EricD

Where was Obama when the 3:00 am call came on Sept 11, 2012?

  • American Embassy in Cairo over run, flag burned, and our administration apologizes.
  • American Embassy in Benghazie, Libya burned down. One American diplomat killed.
  • Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, requests meeting with Obama. Told no.

Getting ready to do Letterman of course.

My Collection of Joe Biden Motivational Posters from DNC2012
Sep 8th, 2012 by EricD

I watched as many of the 2012 Democrat National Convention speeches as I could while at the same time spamming twitter with snark, wit and pics. Joe Biden was particularly inspiring for all three.

Here is my collection of Joe Biden Motivational Posters for DNC2012

This was in response to one of the speakers saying he did not want to ride on the top of Romney’s car.


Just a generic comment on the fantasy world liberals live in.


Response to the MSM interviewing each other about how wonderful Michelle’s speech was.


This was during Bill Clinton’s speech when he fumbled and said OBiden.


Just before Biden’s speech when one of the talking heads said how entertaining Joe would be.


Joe commenting on women’s “reproductive and health care rights”.


Biden talking to the middle class.


Joe on the accomplishments of the Obama administration.


Joe explaining their plan to control the deficit.


Joe explains how their medicare reforms and Obamacare will affect the elderly.

The most suspenseful book I ever read: Elmore Leonard’s ‘Killshot’
Aug 18th, 2012 by EricD

So I was reading Elmore Leonard’s ‘Killshot’ right now on my ebook reader and I’m enjoying it. It’s a normal Leonard novel, all about the characters, how they talk, how they act, how they relate to each other. Things are going along, the couple is in hiding, and the killers are looking for them. I see I have about a hundred pages to go. The killers find the mom and get some info out of her; the couple is on their way back, about 90 pages to go. The killers are at the house. The wife walks in. Killers capture her. 70 pages to go. They are waiting for the husband. Wife is scheming. 60 pages to go. WTF? How can this possible go on for another 60 pages? I am reading as fast as I ever have. I cannot imagine what on earth is going to happen to keep this going.  And then bang, bang, bang, it’s over. The last 50 pages are all ads for other Elmore Leonard books. Mother fuckers.


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